How We Help

RBHFoundation supports the work of RBHA through our relationships in the community. RBHFoundation focuses on how we can support, enhance, and increase access to the critical services provided by RBHA through community partnerships, individual donors, and corporate involvement.

Community Events

RBHFoundation hosts or participates in several events through the year to increase community awareness of the issues and needs facing our community and the issues and needs facing those who struggle with behavioral health and developmental needs.

Art of Recovery – Art of Recovery is an annual, collaborative, community event that showcases the creative expression of individuals in recovery and individuals affected by substance use and mental illness. We use the language of art and creative expression to start the conversation around substance use and mental health, working to reduce the stigma that impacts so many in our community. Collaborative partners include: RBHFoundation, RBHA, SAARA of Central Virginia, SAARA of Virginia, and McShin Foundation. The event is FREE and Open to the Community.

Community Outreach & Public Awareness

Are you a member of a civic organization or corporate entity that would like to know more about the work of RBHA and RBHFoundation in our community? Let us know! We would love to provide a presentation or information about our programs, services, and impact in our community.

Community Partnership Projects

RBHFoundation is fortunate to have great community partners! Through our partnerships, we have been able to accomplish many projects that we could not have done alone.

Children’s Services Center at RBHA North Campus

The Children’s Services Center (CSC) at RBHA North Campus is the newest project on our list! RBHA is one of only 3 residential substance use treatment facilities in the state that allow children to accompany their mothers in treatment. The CSC will provide a safe, therapeutic space for the children at North Campus during the day while their mothers attend treatment groups and activities. The CSC will also house offices for RBHA’s Early Intervention Services staff. The CSC building is currently under renovation with an expected completion date of September 2020. Once renovations are complete, many projects (for example: furnishing, decorating, acquiring books and developmentally appropriate toys, a new playground) will begin to happen. Stay tuned for more information and ways you can be involved!

RBHA North Campus Greenspace

For 2 years, we have worked with Hands On Greater Richmond, The Community Foundation, mOb + Storefront for Community Design, Altria Employee Volunteers, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, Backyard Farmer, and Richmond Tool Bank to transform the Greenspace at RBHA North Campus from a blank canvas to a beautiful, functional, and therapeutic environment for the residents to benefit from. Do you have a group – small or large – that wants to be involved in transforming lives in our community? We would love to partner with you!

Giving Tuesday Collections

Every year for GIVING TUESDAY, the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, RBHFoundation collects cold weather items (socks, scarves, hats, gloves, mittens, blankets) to assist those we serve – children and adults - prepare for the cold winter months ahead. Many of the individuals and families we serve do not have the financial means to make these purchases.

For 2 weeks prior to GIVING TUESDAY, community businesses offer to house collection boxes for convenient item drop off. Community businesses and organizations also contribute to GIVING TUESDAY by organizing cold weather item collections on our behalf or by giving directly through employee donations.

Consumer Stories

CLICK HERE to read more stories of resiliency and courage.

Gail Mobley

Gail Mobley

Ms. Mobley is currently receiving PACT services and Permanent Supportive Housing. She requested help for long term substance use that has led her to be incarcerated, homeless, vulnerable in the community and hospitalized frequently. She had been expressing motivation for change around her substance use for the past two years but was not ready for treatment. Ms. Mobley came to her case manager and stated she was ready for treatment late June. The PACT Team was able to link her to CSU to stabilize her mental health symptoms and ultimately facilitate the transfer to North Campus where she successfully completed the residential substance use treatment program. With support from PACT team and Permanent Supportive Housing, she is back in her own apartment, making strides towards her goal of becoming employed and has remained sober following discharge from residential treatment. She is very proud, has expressed gratitude for RBHA and is thankful we were able to provide wrap-around services and immediate response to meet her needs. She stated, “thank you for always listening to me, I couldn’t live like that anymore and I haven’t felt this good in a long time.” She received an achievement certificate from the PACT team for her accomplishment and responded, “you all on the PACT team always treat me good I have to do more things for you.” You can now see her in the community, dressing fashionably, with full hair and makeup, feeling great about herself inside and out.

Brandon Hughes

Brandon Hughes

Brandon was a student at VCU studying filmmaking when his world became unmanageable. Struggling with recurring – and undiagnosed – depression, Brandon dropped out of school, became homeless, and was hospitalized multiple times due to suicidal ideation. In 2016, Brandon was connected with Richmond Behavioral Health Authority (RBHA) through his placement in a homeless shelter in the City. RBHA provided Brandon with a regular therapist, access to needed medication, case management services, and permanent housing. “RBHA provided help with no judgement. Through my work with RBHA, I now have stability in my life.”

Now that Brandon has worked to establish stability, develop a consistent support system, and utilize the tools he has acquired to maintain balance in his life, he is able to return to his passion: filmmaking. In 2018, Brandon came across a social media story of a veteran who was planning his suicide. In the story, near the end of carrying out his plans, the veteran encountered a person who changed the course of his life. This person listened without judgement and re-ignited a spark of hope. The spark of hope was what he needed to keep living. While the background story is different, the outcome is the same for the veteran and for Brandon.

Brandon decided he needed to make this story into a film. “I want to open up a conversation about depression, trauma, hope, and what a difference human connection can make to someone lost in a dark time.” Brandon hopes that his film will help others see the importance of helping each other, of being there for someone, of listening without judgement.

Brandon has written the screenplay, gathered a cast of actors and a videographer, and produced a trailer video. Brandon is currently working on securing additional funding through a crowdfunding platform. If you are interested in seeing the trailer or supporting Brandon’s project, please visit for more information.

Once the film is complete, Bandon has plans to use the film for community awareness of mental health issues and suicide prevention as well as plans to enter the film in regional film festivals. Brandon hopes his message of hope, recovery, and responsibility to each other can reach as many people as possible. “We’ve all been through hard times in our lives, but anyone who has experienced trauma or depression knows just how hard it can seem to overcome darkness and want to see tomorrow. If something seems different to you, check on that person.”

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