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History & Mission

Richmond Behavioral Health Foundation (RBHF), the 501(c)(3) non-profit entity of Richmond Behavioral Health (RBH), partners with people and organizations to create opportunity, provide resources, and secure needed funding. Together, we fearlessly champion the health, wellness, and recovery of individuals and families in our community, bringing essential care to children and adults through crisis intervention, mental health services, developmental support, primary medical care, and substance use treatment and prevention. RBH relies on community support to serve nearly 13,000 people a year – about 5% of Richmond’s population – regardless of ability to pay. Our vision is for an inclusive, healthy community where individuals have the courage to believe in a better tomorrow and are inspired to reach their highest potential. Our work together as a community is vital, because a society of wholly healthy individuals creates a vibrant, safe community.

RBHF was established in 2010 to support the services and programs of RBHA - and the people receiving those services.

Last year, RBHA served nearly 13,000 individuals - that's over 5% of the City's population. Approximately 30% of those we serve do not have insurance or any means to pay for services. Approximately 35% of the individuals served are children.

Funding Priorities

RBHF serves to support the work of RBHA by supporting programs and services where gaps in funding exist or where no funding exists. While RBHA focuses on treatment of mental health or substance use or providing supportive services for individuals with developmental or intellectual disabilities, RBHF focuses on how we can support, enhance, and increase access to these critical services in our community.

RBHF’s Funding Priorities are:

  • Innovative programs to promote health and wellness.
  • Collaborative community partnerships to increase resources for individuals and their families.
  • Consumer access to supportive services to improve treatment outcomes.
  • Program and service funding and resources to fill gaps in funding.
  • Capital resources to increase service capacity across the agency.

Staff and Board of Trustees

  • Susan Hoover, LCSW, Acting President
  • Carolyn B. Seaman, MS, Director of Development, Marketing, and Communications

Board Members

  • Susan Hoover, Acting President
  • John Lindstrom – Immediate Past President
  • Tom Maness – Chair
  • Jen Kostyniuk – Immediate Past Chair
  • Amy Stienmann - Vice Chair
  • Holly Ortiz – Secretary/Treasurer
  • Matt Isner – Trustee
  • Ashly Kelly – Trustee
  • Martha Willets – Trustee
  • Kristen Chesser – Trustee
  • Eduardo Vidal – Trustee
  • Evan Clarke - Trustee
  • Kevin Ferguson - Trustee


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